Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fitted Mesh Body

Dear Readers.

Lately, I got the body, hands and feet from the TheMeshProject  for free and was curious about it.

Being bit too lazy at first (haven´t read the notecard, lol) I got slightly shocked about the feet as they looked too small with big bulk at the angle.

But with this fitted mesh is it important, that the shape is optimized: Feet and hands have to be size 40, the head size 60, then it fits all well.

There are 36 skin tones to choose from. The body has 3 options: with lingerie, naked and blend off nipples. Feet comes with 3 options: bare, low and mid.

For a donation (you are free to decide the amount) you´ll get shoes and a dress, coming with different colours.

TheMeshProject  is beta, so body, hands and feet are free. Different heads are for sale. All in all this is an interessting project for sure and you might want to play with it a bit yourself as it is free 

Hair: Magika [01] Rewind
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes - Storm
Skin: Essences Emma *peche* brunette

TheMeshProject (BETA) Body, hands and feets Free
TheMeshProject (BETA) Dress and shoes Donations


  1. NIce! I went there and got the body but was too lazy to set everything correctly until now. Im gonna give another try after this post!
    On a side note, Jule i think you're the blogger i"ve been following for longer! Now that i finally got a fantasy blog for myself I'm finally able to link you back :D

  2. Smiles, have ad you at my blogscroll ;)

  3. How if we want high female feet ? Can we use in free beta mesh body ? I bought feet in the shop and still show white feet I spent 500L thanks jule now I know why the ankle look so weird hihihihi

    1. Beve, please contact me in world and I do help you! Its easy to fix the white feets and ankle ;)