Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Morning

Hair: Shag Cherry Pie - onyx
Skin: Exodi Dael Maui (DK/Tan)"In the Air' Lt/F/C
(Group Gift
- to join the group 250 L$)
Eyes: Umedama Holic UH Frozen eye (free)
Dress: u.f.o  Erin op creme
Cardigan: COCO Cardigan Lace
Boots: Kookie Armarda/ Neutral
Earrings: SIGMA Jewels Clare earrings (silver/pink) (free)
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today Jule Lemondrop got 50 days old...

...50 days ago she dropped in to Second Life, her inventory was empty and as every noob she had to face the challenge a simple view into a mirror (or onto a screen in this case) reveals: Ugliness!

But second aid appeared even within the first hour of being able to walk, fly or teleport...

...which proofs so nicely, that Second Life residents are caring and helpful. Jule had beautiful conversations and got covered all over with tips, gifts and hints where to find lovely clothing, skins or dollarfreebies. It took almost NO money to morph the lil ugly noob Jule into a nice and tempting girl she became now ;p

After all life is about taking and giving... it´s time to give back and let others participate. There are a superzillion awesome SL fashion blogs already and yes, that´s great, because every one of them has it´s own view, style and fashion to present. This is the place where Jule Lemondrop will present her little findings, no matter if paid or freebie, no name or brand name – there´s just one rule: it should be nice, cute, stylish – you got it, some kind of WOW sound should whirr around :)

Thanks to all who have been helping so far – Thank You!


Hair: TRUTH - Leona - crow
Skin: Belleza Elle (Group Gift - 250 L$ to join the group)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - bright - ice crystal
Top: Wasted Youth (WY) Stripe Bandeau Playsuit
Skirt: Berries Inc. legshow! skirt grey
Shoes: Maschienenwerk LowTop II BLACK (free)
Bracelet: Schadenfreude Halloween Charm Bracelet (free)