Hello and thanks for dropping by to have a look.

Fashion and beauty walks hand in hand, a loving couple on a journey, eager to discover the next story.

Fashion in Second Life is not different to Fashion in our real lives. We dress to tell about ourselves, to feel good, to live our dream. And while you think about this, magic appears.

When you are about to buy a gown, a shirt or shoe, you are planting a magical seed, waiting to grow and show its beauty.

First you fall in love with your masterpiece of fashion. An inner fight starts to happen. Should I really buy it, even if it´s expensive? There after, you carry a secret, not shown to everyone else yet.

Excitement takes over after your mirror at home smiles back and says: Yes sweetness, you are ready to seduce the world.

Finally something small gets big. The magic seed becomes a flower, people smile, you are adorable and life is as good as it can be. Stories happen to start here.
It is the same magic when I make a new blogpost for you. There are so many awesome creators out here in Second Life worth to show their stunning work. Every day day I fall in love again with another lovely fashion item. This always is a new start for a picture, telling another story I have in mind.

And at the end of the day, my eagerly wish is, that you enjoy Second Lifes fashion and have fun with

it as much as I do :)

Yours, Jule :)