A Story:

When I get naked at night!

When I get naked at night!

Dreaming – imaginary pictures are flickering behind my eyes. Slowly starting my brain to work, realizing that
it´s time.

It´s dark, only the moon is shining, the blanket moves, slips away from the sleeping body. She´s wears a thin transparent night dress and a panty. Her body sits up. She struggles the night-dress moonily over her head. Lifting her bum to get completely naked, she is freeing herself from all signs of civilization.

Suddenly unexpected things are starting to happen.

Pale moonlight shines at her human body, starting to tint her skin phosphorescently blue, changing her human appearance into another state.

Stretching my arms, turning my head, dropping down on all fours. Opening my eyes, it´s night. Experiencing all details extraordinarily sharp and clear. My view turns to the moon - yeah such a perfect night. Getting aware of my inner voices, they desperately demand me to go outside.

After the body has been stretching in the moonlight, unusual things have happened, not really possible to understand. As result a morphed three coloured cat has been showing up, arching her back and sharpening her nails at the bedpost. As if inner voices have been telling her, she hops elegantly through the window and escapes to get free.

Standing on the grass, I feel the moist earth under my paws. Holding my nose into the nightly air, I take a deep breath. Smelling freshly mowed grass, slightly cold air and something sapid. Turning my head and ears into its direction, I notice a very quiet rustling! My muscles are getting tighten, just my tail tip jerks. Stepping precauciously along with wide opened eyes, I´m excitingly aroused!

Crouching slowly, I get closer, till I notice a move, revealing a brightly secret, to bright as it could be normal. Behind the leaves I see his little body searching for food. He doesn´t notice the danger from behind.
A covering leaf falls from his back and shows me his entirely smooth and white body. Oh my god, he is cute! Without any noise, I sneak behind him, just a jump and he will be mine. Watching him, he seems not bother to look around, seems he has no fear at all? Inspecting his mouse body, its unnatural white fur stands apart, glowing brightly from the corner between the trees.

Time stands still. Tightening my leg muscles before jumping at him with both paws. As I jump eagerly to catch him, his appalled crying is like lovely music in my ears. I am feeling his gently warm body, I smell his scent while taking him charily between my tooth. Carrying him to the middle of the garden, nothing but mowed grass around us. Laying him at the ground only to let him free again.

He turns around and looks closely into my expectant eyes. His eyes wide open, shocked about the huge unknown, which has caught him so unfortunately. His view makes me melt and lets my heart bump as loud as his heart.
Smacking his bum, telling him to move, he is around, not understanding what I want him to do, I shout unpatiently at him: “Hey mouse! Move! I want to play and dance with you, we have just started.”
Seconds, like an eternity, are passing by, yet nothing happens, until tremendous fear floats over his little body, just to get his short legs running. Yeah that´s it! Stopping him after a few inches with my paw, he turns into another direction. Using my paws joyfully to get him turning all around, it is like playing soccer, throwing him into the air and shooting the next goal, he gets exhausted too quickly. Having lost his entire energy he looks deadly desperated at me in such a cute manner, I fall in love with him instantly.

Taking him softly onto my paw, lifting him into the sky, dancing together through the Garden Of Eden, spinning around until love and passion peaks at its highest level, there is no way anymore to stop my exstatic arousal. Lick over his soft white fur, showing him all my love before I explode fervouredly and bite his neck deadly.
A last scream spreads through the night, as if angels were singing in the sky, yet the sound of crashing bones.

Biting further overpoweredly into his head, blood starts to run quickly. Fine taste melts over my tongue,
I close my eyes, as his brain moves into my tummy. Surprisingly I now feel what he has felt before I see myself in his eyes. Revealingly rich memories from a little mouse. Such as how he has been escaping from his cage, ready to enjoy the pleasure of pure nature. Life has changed and started an entirely new adventure for him. So many beautifully coloured flowers to enjoy, a bright azure blue sky, uncountable pictures and feelings to get aware of - how amazing!

Quickly eating the rest of his body, it is a very good feeling to have him deeply inside now.

Looking at the moon, the dark night around me, wind blows over my fur, it is time to go home.

Its done! The cat goes back to bed, snuggles her small body onto the sheets, pulling the blanket at her tummy – loudly purring, it just takes a few seconds to turn back into a human body.

A satisfied smile on her lips sticked with his taste on her tongue, it just takes a few hours of deeply dreamless sleep, before another reality becomes true.

As the alarm rings, her dark blue eyes open – all memories are lost.

Here it comes, a new day of needs!


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