Monday, June 13, 2011

New at my blog: Designer List

Dear readers,
I have done something new for you. I know how painful it can be to search for a shop and secondlife search is not a help. In this case my surl is not working, so please look at my

How it work
1.  the shop name, if you click this name open the slurl for a direct teleport.
2. the creator name
3. URL, the blog of the creator or his flickr acount or his marketplace acount

I hope my list will make shopping in sl easier and faster.

Which creators are listed? 
All creators from there I have use items, now is my list a start, with the time I will always more complete my list, so please a bit patience with me.

If something is wrong at my list, so please IM me.

Which Rubrik find you in my list?

Happy shopping and much fun!

Your Jule <3


  1. Wow, super Jule!
    Love this option. Btw sorry for my late reaction but I was away on holiday.
    Dikke kus

  2. Good Design and exciting features.