Monday, December 27, 2010


Hair: Shag All I Want Is You - Cashmere
Skin: LAQ ~ Aline [Fair] 09 (brown hairbase) 
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Grey Eyes
Cape: COCO FurCape Black
Dress: Bubblez Design - Tomoko Outfit
Pullover: Maitreya Savoir Turtleneck Top * Beige
Tights: Jule Lemondrop - My first flower tights - Black New!
Glowes: Hermony Leather Gloves - Black Dollarbie
Boots: COCO Knee-HighBoots
Earrings: N'soul Feather Earrings - White


  1. 2 very atmospheric photos, depicting the true aspect of winter :)

    On the first, the twirling blades of the wind turbine, is echoed internally by the swishing of the skirt.
    The coolness of the blues and gray perfectly evokes the chilly season, yet is offset by the warmth of the cape and boots. Perhaps a little more light on the cape would show the detail more, yet it serves its purpose well :)
    It asks so many questions; What is she looking at? Has she found what she she going to throw snowballs and make any snowmen today? :)))

    The questions are answered by the second photo, where she is outside, and snuggling into her warm cape! The look in her eyes is so moving, as if something has happened. The dramatic ring stands clear of the glove for all to see. This makes me also want to snuggle up to her, to love and to listen...

    All in all, 2 very stylish and memorable photos!
    Loved them, Jule <3

    ~mikey :)

  2. Jule, I can't find the [Shag] the store called something else?
    Thank you!

  3. never mind! I found it. Thank you for great ideas!
    you are terrific!