Monday, September 15, 2014

Belleza Mesh Body "Venus" - Preview!

Dear readers,
Not long to wait anymore since just in a few days Belleza starts selling the new
"Belleza Mesh Body". In order to short the waiting time, I'm going to present the body today
and hope to answer some of your questions already.

The body comes in two versions, one with hands and feet, offering various options to choose from.
In contrast you can also buy the Slink version, so that you can proceed to to wear your already owned

Slink hands and feet.

The alpha  system consists of two parts, one is to click on certain body regions to make them unvisible, another one are buttons to make entire regions unvisible. Very important: When wearing unadjusted clothes, you have to make your nipples unvisible as otherwise they will stick out ;p

Anyone already owning a Belleza skin can simply choose a fitting skin tone. For skins from other suppplies you can choose a skin tone that comes closest but you may also check, if the skin producer already made an appelier. Basically it is possible to appelier clothes, tattoos and other skins.

There are two options for breasts, native and push-up. Indeed both are significantly different and server their purpose nicely. The nipples are kept as different object so it is possible to color them individually or make them invisible in the alpha menu.

Everything is very easy to use and clearly arranged. The beautiful underwear comes in three colors (black, white, nude). Also included are sandals in
black and white.

I hope, you will enjoy the new Belleza mesh body.

Hair: booN SCO052 hair - black
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Denim Group Gift
 Skin: Belleza Shyla Med 2
Body included hands, feets, lingerie and sandals: Belleza Venus Mesh Body
Earring: Kunglers Extra Esplendor - Green Jewelry Fair 2014
Ring: Lazuri Esme Ring

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