Friday, September 16, 2016


My 1000th post!
Blogging about SL fashion and sometimes SL interior since 2010.

Thanks to my readers
for following me in good and bad times.

Jule Lemondrop

- - -
~A V A T A R S~
Not a lot to say about

~S E T T I N G~
House: DaD DESIGN "Birch Cottage"
Light House: CM The Cat and The Moon Light Tower
Bath: concept} 07. Ischia Wood Bath - Adult - RARE KUSTOM9
Stools: concept} 05. Ischia Pair of Stools KUSTOM9
Pot: concept} 04. Ischia Shells pot KUSTOM9
Shower: concept} 01. Ischia Shower KUSTOM9
Plants: Heart Garden Centre Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace
Dunes: Beach Dune 3 by Studio Skye
Wind Break: we're CLOSED wind break canvas stripe

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