Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Feelings

Memories, bright and filled with light.

"What exactly makes us love them more they ever could believe?", her inner voice stumbled. "It´s the smile behind their smile", the devil inside replied. "You are nuts and just mean", she added. So the devil took his sugar and gave her a temptingly sweet seduction. "Yes hunny", he whispered, "GO! GO ahead and DESTROY it! It feels good, you know, it feels so good."

"You make me angry, you beastly piece of shit, but your ideas are raaaaaaawr",
she thought while loving him into pieces - literally.

Suddenly someone appeared behind a door, knock knock... "Who´s there?", she shouted, still being angry.
"No one of importance" her soul said "but may I tell you something?"

"Nooooo!" the devil interrupted viciously, afraid of things going wrong.

She sat there and years passed by, at least it felt so and there it was again: knock, knock...

"Yes, what?", she asked desperately like in a moment of weakness. The devil inside lost it´s power and her soul took the heart to speak...

"There are two feelings", it said "desperation and compassion. You think someone hurts you? It´s not him but a thought. Feel compassion for everyone and no one ever hurts you again."

"That´s a load of crap", the devil dropped in. "See! You loved him into pieces, it´s sooo obvious and you know you did well, he deserves it. What a great image to see him there down on the floor."

Silence appeared, she gazed through the window and there was nothing but life -
beautiful - as beautiful as life can be.

"He´s gone like a blurry memory but I don´t hate him", she mumbled while getting up to proceed and leaving the sad devil behind.

Story by Finn Poitier 

Skin:  LAQ ~ Ania 03 Nougat Glow Skin 
Eyes: Poetic Colors Aurora 
Lingerie: Madi's Secrets Lingerie -Madi's Rose Lace Set - Pink Vintage 
Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Tanya Denim Dress - Midnight 
Shoes: SLink Aveela Stiletto Herringbone the dressing room blue 
Heels: Maitreya Neyya * Charcoal Leather 
Bracelet: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Bracelet/White
Male Outfit:
Jacket: AOHARU Leather Tailored with shirt Brown
Pants: AOHARU Vintage Denim Black 
Boots: WMD - Nir Stone

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